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The most important step in the care and maintenance of your roof is understanding its
current condition, and there is no more thorough way to assess your roof than through
an  inspection. Proactive roof inspections are the key to identifying defects and problems
in their early stages, before they turn into costly repairs, and allow you to determine the
appropriate maintenance strategies to extend the life of your roof beyond its usual life
During emergency calls, or as part of regular maintenance, R & W Roof Systems believes in
only providing roofing services that meet or exceed manufacturer standards. Our service
technicians are trained and licensed in the repair of all major roofing systems, and most
have generations of experience in tracing and trouble-shooting problems, and proposing
cost-effective solutions.


With a well-planned maintenance program, you can extend the life of your roof by
identifying potential problems before they turn into costly repairs. Additionally, most roofing
materials manufacturers require regular maintenance to keep their roof warranties valid. `


Roof restoration can add as many as 10 years to the useful life of a roof, and usually costs
less than re-roofing. The window for performing restoration work normally exists two to three
years prior to the end of a roof's average 10-15 year lifecycle, and before significant damage
occurs. Through proactive inspections, generalRoofing can identify when the time is right,
and alert building owners when a roof is approaching the end of its life cycle.


At generalRoofing, our preferred remedy for most roofing problems is to extend the life of the
existing roof by returning it to a serviceable condition. However, even a well-maintained roof
structure will ultimately need to be replaced. We know that your business doesn't shut down
every time something needs fixing, so we do our work quickly and with a minimum of
disruption to your facilities and employees.

Emergency Storm Service

Natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, hail storms and blizzards can
cause catastrophic damage to your roofing system. generalRoofing companies use the latest
equipment and technologies available to track storms in your area. When storm seasons
approach, our crews monitor the weather and prepare the necessary people, equipment and
supplies to come to your rescue.
With regular care and maintenance from a R & W Roofing Systems, your roof will perform
worry-free for the duration of its design life. Through our systems and our maintenance
programs, we are able to provide all of the services our customers need to maximize the
return on the investment they've made in their roofing assets.

Roofs generally don't last their design life, but with proactive inspections and scheduled
maintenance, gR & W Roofing Systems can ensure that you'll beat the odds with a roofing
system that lasts beyond its normal life cycle.
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